Red Bull Energy Drink Sued for Refusing to Pay Overtime Wages & Reimburse Business Expenses l Seattle Overtime Wage Attorney

Davis Law Group announces that it has sued Red Bull North America, Inc. on behalf of a former employee because of the company’s refusal to pay overtime wages and reimburse the employee for business related expenses.

Red Bull makes a popular beverage called Red Bull Energy Drink.

The suit alleges that Red Bull required the employee to work as many as 70-80 hours per week on a consistent basis to promote and market the energy drink.  The employee was required to attend and/or conduct several promotional events after hours for the benefit of Red Bull’s product line.

The employee worked as an On Site Specialist or Muskateer.  This position required the employee to regularly service and help promote or sell the Red Bull Energy Drink to retail establishments so the product could be resold to their patrons.

In Washington, all non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours per week must be paid overtime for work at one-and-a-half times the employee’s normal wage.  An employer who violates this law may be liable for paying double the amount of wages withheld, plus an award of attorney fees and expenses incurred by the employee.

The suit also alleges that Red Bull terminated the employee and then refused to reimburse the employee for all business related expenses that the employee incurred through the end of his employment.  Red Bull had a policy, like most reasonable and responsible corporations, of promptly reimbursing its employees for all expenses they incur while on the job. 

Davis Law Group is actively searching for former Red Bull employees, including those who worked as a Muskateer, to offer information about Red Bull’s employment practices. 

The firm is also considering bringing a class action lawsuit on behalf of other similarly situated employees and former employees who were required to work overtime without pay or compensation.  If this is you, please contact Davis Law Group by clicking on the link. 

Red Bull is now insisting that the employee give up his jury trial rights and instead arbitrate the matter.  The employee was forced to sign an arbitration agreement several years ago.  It remains for the court to decide whether this agreement is enforceable in Washington State.

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