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dog bites Seattle Dog Bite Attorney
Dog bite attacks can be very serious, and in some cases, fatal. Unfortunately, dog bite lawsuits are very common. Many of these attacks result in disfigurement, nerve and tissue damage and psychological trauma.

Seattle Dog bite lawyer Chris Davis authored a book called, “When the Dog Bites: The Essential Guide to Dog Bite Claims in Washington.” The free resource covers legal claim information regarding dog bite cases; information on the statute of limitations for animal attacks; insight on how insurance companies handle dog bite claims; and much more. Click here to order your own copy.

Dog Bite Statistics

In 2009, injuries associated with dog bites accounted for $412 million nationwide and it continues to increase each year. Approximately 4.7 million people are victims of dog bites annually, and 50% of dog bite fatalities are children under 10 years of age.

Based on research, about 100 children are bitten by dogs every day.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a dog bite, contact attorney Chris Davis at (206) 727-4000 to schedule your free consultation.

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