Texting While Driving: What are your Odds? [VVSC]

One of the greatest issues pressing modern society is texting while driving. Texting and driving has actually grown to be a bigger threat than drinking and driving. This video is meant to make you really think, giving you some perspective by juxtaposing different statistics.

what are your odds texting driving Texting While Driving: What are your Odds? [VVSC]


  1. love this!

  2. Nice Job!

  3. The video was very well done – I’m impressed!

  4. Bob O'Brien says:

    Very proud of you for making this great video. Every teen should see this!

  5. good

  6. Is that Sam Lachow?

  7. Well Done!

  8. This video is sooo well done! I love it and the music is amazing. Managed to make a great artsy video while still sending a good message. Great job, guys. Very creative. :)

  9. Beautiful, brilliant and I’m sure other ‘b’ words. Well done.

  10. ooh, right in the feelings.
    this is such a great video, probably the best texting and driving message i’ve ever seen. because i watched the entire thing. it grabs your attention, and keeps it.
    really well done guys!

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